Words of Hope: Spotlight

We spotlight every meal, and it can be challenging to find new and meaningful ways to spotlight others. To keep it creative, sometimes, we look for objects in the house or restaurant reminding you of what you appreciate about this person. For example, there might be a candle on the table, and I could use this to spotlight our daughter Isabella because her personality lights up a room. She is vibrant, deeply caring, and draws people to her just like a candle. For Ariana, I might reference a goblet of water because her presence is healing, refreshing, and a steadfast companion. She brings life wherever she goes. For Natalya, I might choose a vivid color nearby because she has tremendous energy, and people notice her immediately. She is unique and has a rich spiritual depth, like the deep color of the fabric.

Each meal, we spotlight and find new ways to compliment and encourage each other. We may use comparisons with characters from books, superheroes, people in the Bible, Disney characters, flowers, sports truly the options are limitless. This daily discipline of conversation creates a tapestry of deep love and connection in the home. Thousands of loving words have been said to one another. Words of encouragement fill our home with oxygen and hope. Dad taught us the art of saying something personal to others that gave them courage. I am thankful for this legacy.