Words of Hope: Preeminence

Team chemistry is vital to becoming a championship-level team. Researchers have found the importance of both task chemistry and social chemistry. Task chemistry is a requirement for success. Social chemistry is a requirement to succeed at the highest level. Social chemistry comes down to love. Do you love your teammates, and do you love the work necessary to be a championship-level team? 

Dad understood the absolute preeminence of love for teams and for any project. He would ask, assuming the cooks are equal talent, would you rather have someone cook your food who loves doing it or someone who is just going through the motions? Love changes things. Of course, love without talent cannot succeed. Love requires us to improve our talent. True love requires true devotion.  

I told Mom and my friend Luska I needed prayer. I wanted to know if I should take up a crusade against a program I believe could be harming students. They said they would pray for me. Over the next day as I prayed, I imagined being asked by Jesus, “Will your energy to mount this crusade be driven by anger or by love?” Wow, what a consideration! I realized that my predominant emotion about the situation was anger. I recalled to mind one of my key life verses, “Anger cannot produce the righteous life that God desires.” I asked myself to look at people galvanized together because of anger, bitterness, or revenge. No matter how noble their cause, their anger cannot transform. Anger is a great motivator, but it is a terrible uniter and unifier. Anger provides energy but not clarity.  

I thanked Mom and Luska for their prayer. I realized I cannot move forward until my love is preeminent. Change motivated without love will fail. I know that any movement, team, family, crusade, campaign, or business without love at the core is a guaranteed loss of unity and purpose. Love is the greatest catalyst that leads to transformation.  

 Let all that you do be done in love.  1 Corinthians 16:14