Words of Hope: Multiplication

March 18th was the birthday of my beloved father. I have been crying on and off all week. March is our family’s birthday month, and Dad is deeply missed during this time. So much reminds me of him. I walked with Mom past their old house, and it still feels as raw as the day he died, this deep ache and reminder of loss.  

When a person creates a world full of love and connection, daily meaningful conversation, and care for their beloved others, there is suffering when this changes. I have experienced this to a degree with my daughters leaving for college and beyond. This loss of how life can haunt me if I stare at it.  

I miss the family around the table. The shock of subtraction is exceedingly difficult. I like addition. I like multiplication.  

I love that God is a God of multiplication. This is the blessed hope of all eternity, the multitudinous friends, and beloved people of God together. Someday my mom and dad together again, my brother and his glorious family, my girls and their beloveds, their children, and all the radiant ones. This is my joy in celebrating my dad’s birthday! 

There shall be a great crowd in heaven. This crowd is made up of people who have been saved by the blood of the Lamb of God, people who have been washed from their sins through the blood of Jesus. They will sing the praises of God and enjoy the glory of His presence forever. – Revelation 7:13-17