Words of Hope: Eyes That See the Need

Dad and I often wondered why people work and live together without knowing each other. This distance creates a supreme sense of loneliness. Proximity without intimacy. Habitation without a home. Dad made loving relationships one of his highest priorities. How could he be a loving worker, dad, husband, or friend—he worked hard to answer this question. My mom does this well. She is a good friend to people. One of her most outstanding qualities is her ability to see the need. She watches, listens, and is attentive to what might be wanted or missing. She loves to serve people. I rarely saw her sitting down when I was growing up. Instead, she cooked, cleaned, offered snacks and treats, bought gifts, laughed at all my stories, and listened. Not only does mom work to have eyes that see the need, but she is also great at anticipating the need. She offers before it is even asked. There is great comfort in knowing someone understands you enough to anticipate your need before you even ask. 

I find this a very godly quality. God anticipates my needs. He is preparing my journey for me. God also invites me to be a person who is ready to be His hands and feet in the world—to do the work to anticipate the needs of others, to see their need for courage after a difficult day, to offer help, to show mercy, to give the gift of compassion, or forgiveness. I pray I will have eyes to see the need.

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” – Phil. 4:19