Words of Hope: Disciplines

Dad greatly excelled at relational discipline. He willingly submitted to the rigor of relational well-being, investing time and attention, encouraging words, and spending quality time with those he loved. Dad also greatly excelled at spiritual discipline. 

Because he was so incredibly gifted at relationships, he brought this same intentionality into his prayer with God. He didn’t read his Bible to check off a box or to appear holy in the sight of other people. All his spiritual disciplines were done with the deepest desire to spend time in love and friendship with God.  

In church, we received a handout of ideas for spiritual discipline: journaling, specific prayer times, silent retreats, fasting, memorizing scripture, and so on. I smile to think how many of these Dad consistently practiced. He might miss a physical workout, but he would rarely miss time with God.  

I bless him for this beautiful example. Growing up I knew what made my dad such a loving father was that he spent time with Jesus. This friendship was preeminent to all the others.  

As I look at my life, I lean into the habits of the spiritual disciplines with joy. I consider which ones I have as strong habits and which ones I would like to try. I think about the gift of meeting daily with the beloved and holy God of Hope, and bless my dad for his example of making this relationship the centerpiece of his daily life.  

I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds. – Psalm 77:12