Words of Hope: Delight

Dad traveled many days when I was young. He went all around the PNW recruiting for NBC Camps. His journey brought him to the Cheyenne Reservation, where he met my husband, Shann. I asked Shann what aspect of my Dad he was thankful for. He shared that when my Dad first came to his house, he left his shoes at the front door and leaned back in the large recliner chair with his socks on. Sandy, his mom was thrilled he felt so comfortable in their home. Dad hugged Sandy, laughed with Shann and Kral, and made mealtime fun and memorable. Shann loved his welcoming and loving personality. He knew how to communicate to people in ways that made them feel loved. Shann and I often comment how incredibly rare this type of person is in the world. Someone who is outgoing but not needy, someone who is loving but strong, someone who is giving and generous as well as deeply wise.

Dad could be this way so often because he lived with genuine delight. He loved staying with people; he loved recliners; he loved mealtime conversation. How many things can I take delight in today? How can I engage with the people God has brought into my life with genuine interest, compassion, and delight? I don’t wrestle with the idea of God being a Father of delight, because my Dad was full of delight for me, for God, and for the world.

“He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me.” – Psalm 18:19