Words of Hope: Celebration of Life

Thank you so much for coming to the celebration of life!

For those unable to attend the Fred Crowell Celebration of Life, here is the video of the event:

Fred Crowell Celebration of Life

Welcome and prayer from Real Life Pastor: 1:15
Testimonials Part 1- 4:48
Poem and scripture by Kingston and Gia Crowell: 16:30
Speech: Jay Crowell -19:05
Fred Crowell Family slide show: 36:37
Testimonials: Part 2-41:24
Speech: Jennifer Crowell Ferch-53:29
Ferch Family Song- Goodness of God: 1:04:58
Testimonials: Part 3: 1:09:40
Video testimonial: Fred Crowell 1:21:49
Communion and piano solo: Bobby Moore and Gail Wright: 1:24:42
Group Singing: 1:34:00
Closing Prayer and announcement: 1:40:00
Bonus video: more testimonials: 1: 42:15

Relentless pursuit of excellence in honor of Fred J Crowell and his legacy 

May we live with more hope in desperate times. May we live with more peace in times of war. May we live with more joy in times of difficulty.  May we live with more love for God and everyone we meet by the power of the Holy Spirit.