Wisdom is the design of the one and only true Creator. Without the existence of God, there is no wisdom. There are only opinions, people’s viewpoints. 

Even the brilliant authors of 150 Psalms only attempted to communicate God’s wisdom because they realized in themselves they had no wisdom. That is why the book of Psalms is full of praise to God. Therefore, it is safe to declare, with confidence, ALL WISDOM COMES FROM GOD.

This leads to the logical conclusion that a wise human being chooses to:

  1. See through the eyes of God and not his own,
  2. Listen to godly wisdom’s counsel and not his own, and
  3. Believe God’s wisdom is superior to his own.

Man shares knowledge, but God gives wisdom. Knowledge can be attained by education or just information gained by living life. On the other hand, there is no school or earthly data bank where divine wisdom can be attained. Wisdom defies measures, and it often takes time to acquire through the written Word and a subjective attitude.

For these reasons, the Word of God calls one a fool who does not believe there is a God who governs humanity’s affairs. We can conclude the combined intellect of humanity is foolishness without God’s wisdom to help human beings make the right decision at the right time for the right reason.

These are God’s ideas from His Word. I, Fred Crowell, am only the messenger of His thoughts as the way, truth and life.