I hope you are enjoying the 416-page, hardcover Words of Hope book. The book helps us discover how hope heals, elevates the spirit, and brings energy and purpose. Yet, hope lost makes the mind and heartsick. 

Now we are examining the value of seeking WISDOM in our lives. In the first Wisdom edition, the focus was 4 DON’Ts (based on Psalm 1). Do you know them? Then we discovered what WISDOM is; it is defined as the art of living skillfully, not just head knowledge or information. WISDOM makes wise the simple, nourishes our souls, and, with truth, sets us free. It can be gleaned from even a multitude of counselors.

Yet, have you considered WISDOM can be THE PRINCIPLE OF LIFE? It has the awareness of putting knowledge into action at the right time in the right place. What do we really want in this life? WISDOM begins with having a thirst and hunger to be wise. Even at my age, I attest to still having this hunger and thirst for this principle of life.

What is a principle? It is a fundamental proposition, serving as a foundation for reasoning, belief, and behavior systems. Principles connect values to actions; then comes peace. Values determine behavior, and principles determine the consequences of behavior. A person who values his privileges above his principles soon loses both. 

In summary, every life decision hinges on WISDOM. It examines what to do and what not to do, giving us the plausibility, possibility, and probability of wise life choices. When we deviate from our values and principles, we make high-risk choices, sometimes leading to negative outcomes. 

King Solomon, the wisest man on earth, was the first one to tell us the importance of WISDOM: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom….” (Proverbs 4:7a).