To review, we have looked at WISDOM along with four negativities to avoid, mainly people who sap us of our real meaning of life and joy. This will determine whether we are really wise. Then we laid the foundation for WISDOM. This emphasized the seeking and discipline of being wise. 

Today, we chose to examine David’s thesis in Psalm 19:7. It emphasizes that the Law of the Lord (God’s written revelation) is trustworthy and perfect, making wise the inexperienced or foolish ones. How amazing that God took the initiative to reveal Himself to mankind, first through His creation and then through His biblical truth. He did not want to leave us in the dark.

Years ago, as a 24-year-old basketball coach in 1966, my wife gave me a Bible. My very first one! To my surprise, it included a concordance, meaning an index to certain words found throughout the Bible (as “afraid”, “confidence”, “heart”, etc.). As I explored the book, it seemed to me if I could know and understand the Bible, then I could help my players solve most of their personal problems. 

Today, everyone needs truth, but most have their own. I validate this truthism: Show me an area of your life where you are experiencing success, and I will show you where you are following a biblical principle. Conversely, show me an area of your life where you are failing, and I will show you where you are violating a biblical principle. Therefore, those choosing to follow what they call their own personal wisdom are seemingly less than wise, bordering on stupidity. 

Now my personal insight: God’s perfect WISDOM is rich with wealth untold. It has its rewards. With daily meditation, it becomes intensely personal, nourishes our souls, and sets us free. Every time we conform to the truth, we free ourselves; vice versa, every time we conform to untruth, we confine ourselves. Go for the truth! I believe it will work for you!