Wisdom begins knowing I am NOT wise. There is a circular presupposition: To be wise is to know; if you don’t know, you can’t understand; if you don’t understand, you cannot be wise. Wisdom is the effective application and understanding at the precise moment needed.

The gravest danger is not so much the danger itself but the unawareness there is danger. Sadly, there are few things that affect our world more detrimentally today than our ongoing biblical ignorance. Yet first, we must admit our natural inclination to selfishness, shortsightedness, and shallow thinking.

To reiterate, this lack of wisdom is not nearly as serious a problem as not knowing we are not wise. Wisdom is enhanced when individuals know and understand they lack sufficient understanding to deal with the difficult challenges life presents in a relentless manner all of our days.

This honest, candid admission drives us to search for wisdom. It can be found in these four sources:

  • Past and present life experiences.
  • Repetitive information read or listened to.
  • Wise people who have proven track records and are worthy to be imitated; they are credible others.
  • The Wonderful Counselor who does not disappoint (Romans 9:33).  

The choice is ours alone to choose who/what gives us wisdom, knowing that wisdom is based on principles rather than pragmatism (which often brings an incredible delusion). Conversely, our DIVINE belief system will make us wise as it finds lodging in our minds. God is the Total Source! And, life will seemingly run smoother when we operate from a place of wisdom.