In the Bible, Psalm 90 is a prayer by Moses, full of wisdom. Moses had eight requests in the last part of the prayer. In fact, his last request Moses said twice: “Establish the work of our hands.” This impacted me!

Can you imagine touching thousands of lives with just these hands God has given me, Fred Crowell? In today’s technological world, God can use texting, writing emails, talking on cell phones. This is communication by my hands, even if I am aging. My life may be temporary, but my (and your) works can be enduring as God establishes the work of our hands.

Take a moment to reflect on the millions upon millions of people who wake up every morning and go to their employment not knowing why. Not loving their work. Not having a purpose for their work besides a paycheck. What a tragedy! What a great loss!

How can I personally find joy in my work with God’s confirmation? 

  • Value each day God gives me with His heart of wisdom, unfailing love, and energetic strength.
  • Live with joy all day long.
  • Ask God for His favor and grace, beauty and loveliness to rest on me as He affirms and grants me success.
  • Do all I do, especially with my hands, with all my might for the love of God and people.

Will you join me?