Years ago, Henry David Thoreau said: “The mass of men live lives of QUIET desperation.” Yet today, I (meaning Fred Crowell) say: “Most people live lives of ACTIVE desperation.” Why?

Comfort in silence is a foreign concept to most Americans. Our pace of life is fast and furious, with little room for margin and time to be silent. From early dawn to late at night, the pace is aggressive. Music is loud. Bigger and better is the goal. 

Therefore, today comfort in silence is a learned behavior, a skill to attain. It does not come naturally. For the highly active person, at first, it seems awkward and uncomfortable.

Often I ask the question: “Do you take time to be quiet and rest in silence?” The answer I receive is nearly always the same: “I’m too busy. I don’t have time to be quiet and do nothing.”

Why is it so hard to find comfort in silence? Because it takes discipline. I suggest you start with these three baby steps:

  • Go offline to get online with the Lord; shut down your phone and computer because DISTRACTION DESTROYS INTIMACY.
  • Take a little time with the Lord, and then go back to work because DISOBEDIENCE DESTROYS INTIMACY.
  • Face your feelings of loneliness, created for longing just with the Lord, because DUPLICITY DESTROYS INTIMACY.

When we connect with the Lord, we can truly connect with each other. Like a network, we can do more significant work when we are online and connected to others.

For me, comfort in silence has become the most special time of my day. This quiet time I designate as my sacred silence in my sacred garden. I have found that God can be found in silence, not in the cacophony of a busy life. Only when we slow down the bus and take time to develop the discipline of sacred silence will we discover great reward and joy in the comfort of silence.

WISDOM WEDNESDAY: COMFORT IN SILENCEC. Austin Miles expressed in his lyrics: “I come to the garden alone… And He walks with me, and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own. And the joy we share as we tarry there none other has ever known.” Precious intimacy!