Something truly amazing happens when we clean when the dirt is removed when clutter becomes neat. Our human spirit is enhanced when we make something better than when we found it. Cleanliness is next to godliness is a very old proverb that has lived down through the ages and has proven to be true.

Grandma Williams (Susie’s grandmother) was known for her two sayings: “I want to wear out not rust out” and “When I don’t feel good in the morning, the quicker I get out of bed.” She proved it by living to be 108 years of age. Her house was super clean, neat, and orderly; it felt good to be there.

For me, cleanliness is next to godliness. The better you take care of an object, the more you appreciate it. I have found that to be true when I have cleaned a closet, a bedroom, or a car. I have felt so much better! In fact, last week my dear friend Steve Altmeyer cleaned my garage. I was able to help a little. What a transformation of the garage and my spirit!

Besides transforming our spirits, why is cleanliness important? It becomes a state and habit of maintaining permanent “freshness,” a necessary agent to healthy living physically. Such external cleanliness seems to promote internal cleanliness. It also increases our concentration. Good hygiene prevents illness, frees us from unwanted matter, and gives us positive vibes. The opposite is pollution.

Jesus Himself took it a step further. We should not be defined just by what we eat and drink, or by how often we wash our hands. Rather, we are defined by what is in our hearts. How hygienic are you? Do you have a clean heart? When it is clean, how easy it is to love unconditionally!

We can ask God like David did, “Create in me a pure heart and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Only God who created us can cleanse, renew, and restore.