Here in Spokane we have had record-breaking heat in June. Now in July throughout the Pacific Northwest we need rain. Don’t you agree there always appears to be a good and bad side to everything, even weather! And viewing the good or the bad will make us either a cheerful or a complaining human being.

Candidly, if being a complainer worked, I would be the champion because my natural mind tends towards negativity, always seeing something to improve. Complaining is a natural phenomena, while BEING OF GOOD CHEER is a supernatural phenomena. Amazingly, the less I respond to negativity, the more peaceful my life is.

BEING OF GOOD CHEER produces a warm disposition, lightheartedness, an expectation of hopefulness, making life better. It is looking through rose-colored glasses. The opposite is doom and gloom, discontent, unhappiness, making life worse.

Three of the writers in the Bible and Jesus used the words BE OF GOOD CHEER.

  1. The Psalmist (Ps. 31:24).
  2. Jesus (John 16:33 and 6 other times mainly to people He healed).
  3. St. Paul (the Lord’s words to St. Paul in Acts 23:11).
  4. Apostle James (James 1:2-4).

It takes courage to let go of what you, and others, think you are or what life should be. Yet the courage will allow God to make you all He created you to be. Today I refuse to complain but put on an attitude of GOOD CHEER.