Winning big always begins from the inside out.

The championship trophy at the awards banquet was first invoked in the heart or the imagination of the mind.

Dustin Esco has been a dynamic GM of AutoNation Toyota Spokane for over 20 years. He knows what he’s doing.

Dustin asked me to please come and speak to his Toyota team.

I asked Dustin what he wanted me to talk to his team about.

Dustin replied, “Fred I want you to talk about how to sell from your heart from your inner being.”

This is exactly the kind of speech I like to deliver because I know from over 51 years of experience that “want to” always trumps “how to.”

It really doesn’t matter how much you know.

What really matters is how much you care.

If you care enough and you want it bad enough, you will discover the “how to.”

My message to the sales team could be boiled down to one sentence.

If you need to sell a car you probably won’t, because your customer will feel your greediness.

If you want to sell a car but you don’t need to sell a car your customer will sense you care more about them than you do about selling them the car.

This concept applies to every area of life. If a parent needs their child to get good grades in school the child will feel under pressure and too often fail to meet family expectations.

The wise parent does not need his child to be successful. Need creates desperation, anxiety, depression. “Want to” create desire, passion, and energy!

Ask this crucial question: How do you develop “want to?”

The first step is to choose, to make a decision. Life experience presents us with only three choices. Yes, no, and I don’t know. Generally, two out of these three choices are not in our best interest.

Example: You choose to make things happen, you let things happen, or you ask what happened. Only one good choice.

Amazing, remarkable, life-changing things happen when a decision is made to get busy, the “want to” makes it happen.

If you want it enough you will make it happen.

Do you want to win big?  No, I’m asking you… do you really want to win big!?

Vividly I remember the day I realized that God was for me and not against me, that my Abba father was my right hand, that I can do all things through Jesus Christ, that He promised me and that I have the mind of Christ. This gave me the “want to” and the confidence to win big at whatever I put all my mind, my heart, and my soul into.

Eight years ago Jay Crowell said to me, “Dad, as you fight cancer we’re going to find out if you really believe all the things you have taught us all these years.”

Make no mistake, Fred Crowell wants to win big over his battle with cancer.

Find your “want to” and you are going to win big!