Millions of USA students enroll in schools across the continent in September with the hope of winning!  Unfortunately, far too many will lose the battle to win.


  • Why so many failures?
  • Why does one Spokane area school district have 24% absenteeism each day?
  • What makes many students say their high school experience was a joke, and, for that matter, why do some teachers and retired superintendents agree with these students?
  • Can some of the “haves” students help the “have-not’s” students find meaning and purpose in their school experience?

Candidly, I have no answer for the macro solution to these school problems.  Over fifty years of experience gives me the confidence to suggest this micro counsel for individuals one student at a time. Here are my prime recommendations.

  • Train a student to know the WHY school is valuable and write a meaningful purpose statement.
  • Develop a crystal-clear HOW to-win-at-school statement.
  • Compose a self-made report card the first week of classes to use as GOAL-SETTING.
  • Create an I AM list to read daily:

                1)  I am a winner.

                2)  I am enjoying working hard on school assignments.

                3)  I am intelligent.

                4)  I am a lover of learning.

  • Choose to be popular with OTHER STUDENTS who have purpose in school.
  • Find A MENTOR who has PTR (proven track record) and is WOBI (worthy of being imitated).

If you think you can, you can!  If you think you can’t, you can’t!