“Never fear to negotiate and never negotiate in fear.” JFK 1960 Inaugural Address.

Rhetoric is the skill to clearly present in the written or spoken word, your philosophy, opinions, ideas and points of view.

Wordsmith mastery is a critical life skill. In ROTC class at the University of Idaho, our commander taught us the absolute necessity to be skillful with both the written and spoken word.

Words are power. No wonder the Creator of the Universe used words so profoundly in Genesis 1.

God created the world with His Words.
The Holy Bible is called the Word.
The Word became flesh and we behold His Glory.

We create our world by the words of our mouth.

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but Words will never hurt me,” is a perfect example of a half truth.

Truth is, sticks and stones can break bones.

Truth is, words can break hearts and damage minds.

Thus Rhetorical Skill Mastery is more than a worthy ambition.

The late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a masterful wordsmith. Both in speech and in the written word, JFK could communicate to the masses, rich or poor, educated or uneducated.

Philosophy, history disciplines, psychology and even religion are delightful and fascinating subjects between people who have the rhetorical skills to negotiate.

Successful people relationships depend upon the ability to negotiate.

When a son says to his father, “I am angry at you.”

One dad slaps the kid, the other says, “Please tell me more about your anger; please use your words.”

Brother says to brother, “What you just did was inappropriate.”

Brother’s response if done well, “Let’s set some time to sit together with each other’s best interest in mind and negotiate.”

Being willing to negotiate is just plain hard work.

Thankfully hard work pays off.