Is it God’s truth, her truth, his truth, their truth, my truth or is it your truth?

These questions though confusing are not meant to confuse. The intent is to bring enlightenment to the difficult dilemma of truth finding and truth telling.

Only a couple hundred years ago an absolute medical truth was that bloodletting (removing blood for health balances) cured diseases.

In my lifetime both Coca-Cola and cigarettes were promoted as truly beneficial to health.

We had a president of the USA who saved himself from being removed from office by saying, “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” when confronted with telling the truth or a lie, under oath mind you.

Unfortunately, the truth is always impacted and shaded by the truth glasses you’re wearing at any given time.

Let me explain it this way. When my two children were young, they delighted in running to me and jumping in my lap. What joy the hugging, kissing and story-telling… even if it was about our fictional characters with fictional names of Little Red or Torsha. 

However, one day I had severely injured my right leg quad muscle in basketball. Still, Jay (about four years of age) jumped into my lap, expecting the warm greeting and Little Red story.  Immediately, there was not the hugging and kissing.  Instead, I screamed in great pain!  What do you expect Jay did?  Of course, he cried!  He was confused, and his truth world was shaken.

On normal days, my children’s truth was: We love Daddy, so let’s hop on his lap, have fun and hear great stories. Yet on Dad’s injury day, the truth experience became fear, confusion, tears.  Very opposite from the previous warmth, joy, love experience.  This incident highlights experience influences truth, making truth often subjective. 

Years ago, I used the familiar words, “There you go again” when a friend sincerely believed the Bible was absolute truth, and contained no subjective truthI also added, “Yes, I agree, the Bible is absolute truth… according to YOUR truth.” 

His reply:  “Not true.  I tell people the truth based on the Bible because it is not what man says; it is the truth.”  I could not help but respond, “There you go again.  You are telling them what YOU think the Bible says is truth.”

Be careful here. Don’t make this harder than it is. Much of life is truthfully clear. Right?

Lying is wrong. yes or no? Absolute truth exists. Yes or no?

If you said yes, in my truth, you are truly wrong.

Why? Simple. If a gang member came to my home and I was hiding someone they came to kill. They ask,”are they here hiding?”

I answer, “No, they are not here.” I just lied.

Fact is, I love truth. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Deeply and desperately, I seek truth, yet I have come to believe that everyone has what they consider as their own truth.  Yet, is God convinced?

For 50 years I have tried to live this Fred Crowell Truism: Show me an area of your life when you’re experiencing success, and I will show you where you were following a biblical principle.  Conversely, show me any area of your life where you are failing, and I will show you where you are violating a biblical principle.

I will not impose my belief on you, but I will attest Biblical truth has worked well for me, and it will work well for you. This is my truth.  I hope it will be yours as well. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”