2000 years ago they asked Jesus, “Who is the greatest?”

Seems to me humans are obsessed with knowing the greatest.

Ali said he was the greatest boxer of the day; now Meriweather lays claim.

Tiger greatest golfer ever? Thanks but I take the Golden Bear!

Basketball is it Labron? No thanks! I choose MJ, Jabbar and maybe the Big O.

How about politics? Lincoln or Washington or…?

Who is the greatest Papa? Well, I think it is Papa Suave.

Indeed there is an obsession with who is the greatest?


Jesus tells us who is the greatest! As always with Jesus the answer is the greatest answer!

“Who ever comes to Me as a little child is the greatest in the kingdom of God”.

Wonderful news! All can be the greatest because each of us can come to Jesus as a little child.

What is necessary is to imitate the joy, humility, total delight a small child has in celebrating life?

The joy of my summer was walking into our kitchen – upon seeing my 4 and 2 year olds, I shouted, “What time is it?”

In unison Kingston and GG shouted, “PAPA TIME”!


For me it is time to come to The Lord of Lords like my grandchildren run to Papa and jump into my safe arms!

What time is it in your life?


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