The most important question ever asked of me was in September 1966.

“Coach, before I leave, can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, of course,” I answered. 

Thinking I was getting another basketball question, Dyson floored me when asked, “What do you think about Jesus Christ?”

Buried deep in my subconscious mind, organized religion was a cemetery of bad experiences; 20 plus years of negativity. Buried, never to resurface until someone or some new experience dredged them up to the conscious mind. 

At another time, Lord willing, I will share what is in the grave on the capstone of my organized religion cemetery which has become a resurrected victory. 

Dyson’s question was uniquely profound. It was not an informational set answer question. No, it was an elegant personal question that dove into the essence of my existence. 

I had no answer! As soon as Dyson left my office. I called Susie to say, “I think I have found someone who can help me.”

Meet My Head Coach gives a detailed account of how I eventually discovered who Jesus was, is, and forever will be.

I close today’s Word of Hope with an elegant question that I have asked thousands of people, “Have you made the wonderful discovery of knowing Jesus personally?”

If not, why not?