“If you know it and you don’t do it, you don’t know it.” – Mike Nilson

The Apostle James short book on walking your talk reminds me of a college basketball game.

The showboat talker was fouled with two seconds on the clock. The opposing coach called time out hoping to freeze “big mouth” who loudly declared to his coach and teammates.

“I’m going to make the first one and then the second one to win the game!”

He missed. Game over. His team lost. Bigmouth was silent.

Many years ago, my delight was to coach a 4th-grade boys’ team. It was easy to love the young lions. One of the best was noted for his congratulations.

After one practice session I called this delightful little guy over, “Patrick, do you ever wonder why I brag all the time about your teammates, yet I never brag about you?”

Anyone who coaches young boys or girls with love and patience lives for these special teaching moments.

Patrick said, “No, coach.”

“Patrick, you are a great player and I would love to brag about you to the team but you do it all for me. If you stop bragging, I will do it for you.”

He gave me a high five and I began having the privilege of telling Patrick’s teammates the many good ways he was valuable to the team and our world.

James reminds me to be careful to walk, not talk, my faith. James says, “Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger.”

St. James is a strong coach. He does not suggest we listen well, speak wisely, and be slow to anger. He tells us to do it!

These are good goals for us today.