“Unstuck” is a descriptive word, an adjective. When an object becomes unstuck, it is freed or loosened from being fastened or stuck. An example would be an unopened door; when firmly pushed, it becomes unstuck and able to be opened.

People also get stuck in many ways. They become prisoners and fastened, like being chained to a steel post that cannot be moved. In my view, never growing from babyhood to adulthood is the most evident “stuck” way of life. 

Far too many boys never become responsible husbands and fathers, while many girls never develop into their role as faithful wives and mothers. Still, one of my life’s greatest tragedies has been observing just the opposite: a teen boy or girl being the only adult in the family. 

Becoming “unstuck” is a worthy, admirable goal. There are at least five essential ways to be freed and unstuck:

  • Do not become stuck in the first place. Someone has said: “Set up a life you don’t need to escape.”
  • Admit being stuck. This appears difficult to admit because it is not common to hear someone say he is stuck in laziness, selfishness, bitterness, or whatever. Yet, we readily admit when our car is stuck in deep snow!
  • Ask for help from a trusted friend, a mentor, to coach you.
  • Plan a way of escape to become unstuck, and work the plan daily.
  • Embrace a life of learning sacred silence and intimacy with the Abba Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, while giving your heart, mind and soul to the Blessed Trinity.

Never be stuck in mire again!