Have you ever held two pounds of HOPE in your hands?

With today’s many worldwide problems housed in nearly every human life on this planet, two pounds of HOPE has the potential to lift the human spirit to heights of personal joy and interior peace.

These two pounds of HOPE have become a 418-page, hardcover book with 366 inspirational messages to elevate the mind and heart. For nearly 7 years, Fred Crowell has written a daily Words of HOPE to bring encouragement as medicine to the human spirit. Beginning with one recipient and one Word of HOPE, now there are now thousands of words of HOPE to share with others to discover deeper meaning to their life.

One woman said: “When I left home today, I told my mother that I had lost all HOPE.” Randomly, on her daily walk with her Burmese mountain dog, she met Fred on his walk with his own pup named Hope. This kind lady now reads Words of HOPE daily and will soon receive her two pounds of Words of HOPE published in book form. 

It is my HOPE that this book of HOPE finds a place to rest and come alive in your home also!



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