For about 100 days, the mysterious and remarkable topic of WISDOM has been on my mind and heart. At the end of the year 2020, I embarked on being a WISDOM SEEKER for these reasons:

  • It is crystal clear Fred Crowell lacks sufficient wisdom to navigate the winter days of his long, happy, adventurous, glorious life of failures and successes.
  • It is more than amusing witnessing the incredibly foolish decisions humans make. Life is painful, yet most of our pain is self-inflicted due to unwise choices. Some of my earlier life decisions appall me, and I don’t want to make them again.
  • It is beyond comprehension how people resist seeking wise counsel before making life-altering decisions. Not only do a majority of people refuse to seek wisdom, but they also reject any sound, wise counsel they receive.

Therefore, in my attempt to bring wisdom to the cognitive mind, I offer these five similar characteristics of wisdom which I delight in seeing in those I consider to be wise. 

  1. Personal ADMISSION of having insufficient wisdom to navigate life. Wise people acknowledge they are not all-wise.
  2. Personal COMMITMENT to being hungry and thirsty for being wise. Wise people seek more wisdom.
  3. Personal TRAINED BEHAVIOR choosing the unseen qualities of the wise. Wise people see more than the evident external qualities.
  4. Personal SKILLS to making the right decision at the right time for the right reason. Wise people have this essence of wisdom, a learned behavior.
  5. Personal DILIGENCE to selecting wise mentors, coaches, counselors. Wise people have PTR (Proven Track Record) and WOBI (Worthy of Being Imitated).

Please reflect on these five characteristics. IF YOU ARE NOT HUNGRY OR THIRSTY, YOU WON’T EAT OR DRINK…OR BE WISE. My following Wednesday’s Wisdom edition will highlight an additional five characteristics of wisdom (for achieving a perfect 10).