My 20% PMA advantage plan today is gratitude. I am thankful I am alive with a strong heartbeat and breathing ability. Today I am confident, as David was in Psalm 27, and thankful that God alone is my safety net, my stronghold.

He helps me to:

  • Not be afraid. Why? Because fear can make us lifeless and ineffective. It is a phantom of the night. God is just the opposite. His light replaces the darkness.
  • Resolve to live right here right now. Why? Because God is my centerpiece. He has already conquered fear and anxiety.
  • Dwell in the Lord’s secret place, my sacred silence. Why? Because there I see God’s beauty and am safe in His shelter. It is the most secure, quiet place in this noisy world.
  • Be a learner and seeker today. Why? Because the Lord will teach me and not reject me.
  • Wait, be patient, be brave, be courageous. Why? Because God is my overwhelming goodness. He frees me from all my fears.

Today I say, along with David, that the Lord God is my light, my salvation, my protection, my zest for living, my stronghold, my rest. He has saved me. I will stay with God.