A basketball coaches analysis of the Lord’s Prayer.

Based on the prayer instruction of Jesus, how is it possible to have His Kingdom come and His Will be done here on earth?

Principle One – Acknowledge God the Father in heaven as king of the kingdom.  

Very easy to understand, ”the head coach is boss” period. The coach is king.

Until God is acknowledged as King, not only of His Kingdom but even more so of our personal lives, the words of this prayer have little meaning.

Principle Two – Today is His gift to us. It is not a right to be alive today. It can be taken away in a second of time. Today is a gift.

The tragic losses during the current pandemic confirm this principle.

Basketball is a gift. It is a game where only five play at a time. Playing time is a gift. It has a short life span. Most basketball playing days end after high school.

Principle Three – Our Daily Bread is His gift to us as well. The one who says “I worked hard to make millions. I deserve what food and pleasures I own,” would do well to ask themselves some serious questions such as:

  • What if you or I would had been born in a slum in Ecuador?
  • What if we were born with brain damage?
  • What if we were aborted by a hopeless mother?

What if possessions we have are a gift regardless of how we got them? If you think you alone built your wealth or life success, think back to 2008!

Millions of families lost jobs and homes. The world economy shrunk by trillions. Brilliant business folks lost empires of wealth and prestige.

Wise basketball players know that talent is a gift. Huge hands, long arms, and legs are gifts. Avoidance of injury and illness is a gift, not a right.

Hard work is what we do with these gifts of talent, size, and health.

Principle Four – Forgive us as we forgive others. This speaks to the power and benefits of forgiving. Forgiveness is a personal responsibility.  

Jesus hits a three-point game-winner here. Love and forgiveness reign supreme in the Kingdom of God.  

Forgiveness is God’s offer to you and me. We seek the Lord’s sacrifices of His finished work on the cross. We ask to be forgiven for our misdeeds, sins, etc.

Bam! We are set free! The blame game, self-righteousness stops here. Forgiveness is His Gift. We now become ready to forgive others.

The Great basketball coaches are masters at stopping the blame game and self-righteous living. Players learn personal accountability and commitment to a higher cause.

Principle Five – Lead us not into temptation. Every second of every day is an opportunity to display the wisdom of being aware of temptation. When God is our King and Jesus is Lord we have a dynamic protection team giving us eyes and ears to avoid temptation.

Wise basketball coaches are leaders who make their players aware of temptations. There are many ways players are tempted.

In my humble basketball mind, I cherish the Lord’s Prayer. I walk step by step very slowly both during my day and through the watches of the night, meditating on each word and each principle of The Lord’s Prayer.

Thank you, God. You are Abba Father. We are your daughters and sons.

I love and delight in calling you Abba Father.

I am for eternity your thankful adopted son!

– Fred Crowell