At Thanksgiving, we can be grateful for new hearts with new garments to put on. As St. Paul continues his logic in Colossians 3, he encourages us to dress daily with love:

  1. Compassion – Love coming from a tender heart (and perhaps even weeping heart).
  2. Kindness – Love demonstrating care of another.
  3. Humility – Love comparing others as better than self.
  4. Meekness – Love being gentle instead of causing injury.
  5. Longsuffering – Love being patience with people over a long journey.

As we physically dress daily, we can imagine these are our socks, shirt or blouse, belt, shoes, pants or dress.

Then St. Paul talks about two outer love garments for dress, what others will see:

  1. Bearing – Enduring for the well-being of another.
  2. Forgiving – Choosing to release battle lines caused by hurtful relationships.

Maybe these are our like our physical coat and scarf or hat.

Finally, Paul’s logic says wholeness is possible by this love, peace, thanksgiving and the Word of Christ. How grateful we can be and live because even though we cannot always trace God’s hand, we can always trust His heart. He gave His all for us!