NBC Camps – 3 Generation Family

Key statement: The legacy we leave will impact our children and their children’s children. The way we choose to live our lives will impact the next three generations.

True story:  Larry and Carrie Walker are legendary at NBC camps. As Head Basketball Coach at Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, Washington, Larry brought hundreds of these athletes to NBC.

One of the most notable is Roger Smith, who now is Vice President of NBC Camps and has never missed one camp in over 38 years.

Kelli, Julie, and Darrell grew up at NBC camps. All three were sensational basketball players.

This week in Auburn, NBC camps has the entire Walker family as either coaches or players.

I delight in looking at this whole Walker clan. As usual, Carrie and Larry stand out in the spotlight. Larry was Athletic Director and Head Men’s Coach at Everett C C for 30 plus years; Carrie served thousands as a nurse.

img_0679Inspirational challenge:

There is nothing more precious than family. Family is the bedrock of our society. This Walker family photo is inspiration for all of us to do whatever we can, with whatever we have, to have a wonderful family legacy.

Thank you Walker family for all you have done for so many!