Adversity – Abundance – Appreciation

Is it possible to go through life without adversity?

Are learning valuable life lessons possible without adversity?

In your life experience, how has adversity shaped you?

With bold confidence, I proclaim adversity is vital to success in every aspect of life. 

The bond between mother and child is formed in the adversity of nine months of pain, joy, pain, excitement, pain, exhilaration, pain, delight then PAIN then the miracle of miracles, a baby!

Great sports teams are most often the product of pain. The Chicago Cubs suffered for 108 years. The 2016 World Series Cub Champions were down 3 games to 1. They had to win 3 straight. Talk about adversity. 

Three ideas to make adversity work for you:

  1. Welcome adversity. Don’t resent it.
  2. Show up. Get busy. Work hard. Phrases like “Put on your big boy pants, Cowboy Up, Game On, and Battle,” help create a warrior mentality.
  3. Expect to win. Never quit. Reject self-pity and blame. If you think you can, you can; especially when you know God is with you. 

Living in a mindset of abundance moves you to a place of strength not weakness, whereas living in scarcity puts you in a place of weakness. 

Abundance is the dance of ease and grace; the wonderful room of more than enough. 

Scarcity is the frantic gyrations of hurry and panic; the harsh; cold room of neediness. 

Abundance is not the accumulation of wealth; it is a mindset. Abundance comes from being, not doing. Abundance is found in your personal sacred garden, to be discovered in times of silence. 

Appreciation. Oh my, what a magic word when lived often. Folks who have appreciation in their life skills toolbox are to be envied. They have the world by the tail. 

If appreciation were a muscle, one would go to the weight room and get busy. Appreciation is an attitude. Attitudes begin with thoughts that turn into words. Words become action. 

Practice appreciation and your life will never be the same. 

Start now. What do you appreciate? Now that you have a few, tell others what you appreciate. Soon it will be a habit.