“The TALENT OF SUCCESS is nothing more than doing what you can do well, and doing well whatever you do without thought of fame. If it comes at all, it will come because it is deserved, not because it is sought after.”  This wisdom dripped from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s pen. He was a prolific American “wordsmith.” His mind was filled with the brilliance of God, and his heart was clothed in kindness.

From years of observation, I believe in America we define success as what we determine to achieve and often relate it to wealth. I also believe we often:

  1. Betray others for our success.
  2. Bribe for our success.
  3. Cheat for our success.
  4. Destroy face for our success.
  5. Enslave ourselves to another for our success.
  6. Gossip critically for our success.
  7. Kill for our success.
  8. Lie boldly for our success.
  9. Ruin health for our success.

Here is what a few famous people said after viewing their success:

  1. Professional baseball player said, “It is harder to stay in the major leagues than to get there.”
  2. Famous actor said, “Now I have so much anger and I do not have the tools to defeat my anger.”
  3. Hall-of-fame college coach said, “I won championships yet have a failed relationship with my sons.”
  4. Owner of a company said, “I will do whatever I must do to protect my family even if it means betraying my partners.”

The drive for success can cause an out-of-balance life and mask true success. Monday we’ll look at what true success is.