Behind every Ask is a life experience story. The more significant the story, the larger the Ask. The less important the story, the smaller the Ask.


Early one August morning during my sacred silence moment, it became crystal clear that the Lord was going to keep me alive despite my aggressive cancer growth. In my inner dialogue with the Lord, I asked Him: “Lord, since I have such limited energy, what do you want me to do with my life?” His answer internally was: “Fred, I want you to fight to live, and I want you to put all your Words of Hope into an insightful, inspirational book.”

A month later, as I was reading my emails, I discovered an inquiry from Advantage/Forbes. The publishers were asking about the possibility of featuring me as an author. It was not I who asked about this possibility, and I had almost deleted the email! Then I asked the CLSC CEO to check out the inquiry. Result: 10,000 prepaid hardback books are being published today!

Francis Bacon said: “Reading makes a man full.” This means when a man fills his mind with knowledge, he can explore territories previously foreign and unentered to him. I also believe books have the potential to change lives.


To grow hope, we (meaning you and I) need to give hope: HELP ME HELP YOU HELP OTHERS. To help others, here is my hope strategic plan:

  • 1 Words of Hope book in your hands, read daily, inspires you so hope flows from you.
  • 10 lives, associated with you, experience your hope and a changed life.
  • Then these 10 lives influence others = 100 = 1,000 = 10,000 = 100,000 = 1,000,000.

Thus, the Grow Hope Family increases. Then we give God the glory because, in reality, only He can create changed lives.

Thank you for choosing to hold the Words of Hope book in your one pair of hands, allowing your significant hope growth to impact others. Often I have seen how true Proverbs 13:12 is. This says deferred hope makes a heart sick, but resilient hope produces endurance. How powerful hope is because then it becomes LOVE IN ACTION. AMAZING!