The world’s best vacation destination and it’s free!

IN CABO SAN LUCAS ESPERANZA and La Pamilla battle for the number one best resort.

On the seas the major cruise lines boast to be the best.

Fact is the best vacation destination is in the secret garden. Where is this five star destination? 

The secret garden is in you and me!  Each of us has a fabulous garden of majestic beauty where restoration, refreshment, inspiration, and peacefulness await us!



Why is it most people never vacation in their secret garden? 

The first reason is because it is a secret. Secrets are reserved for only the most trusted.  To be entrusted with a secret the burden lies at the door of the one being told the secret.

For me to find the secret garden in my life I first had to want to find it; then I had to make personal sacrifices to get to this amazing garden deep within myself.

The Psalmist in chapter 46 exhorts us to BE STILL and know He is God. 

The 23rd Psalm gives us a step by step instruction manual to enter our secret garden that is totally unique. 

As Susie and I meticulously planned for this week in Mexico.  Passports up to date, airfare, packing the right items, arranging ground transportation, lodging and meals. It is lots of work.

Likewise for me to get to my personal secret garden where the Holy Trinity patiently waits for my arrival, it requires precise planning on my part. Just as hurricanes closed CABO last year, the pressures of life too often block my daily attempts to get to my secret garden.

Today was one of those days, I lived joyfully in my secret garden.  Now I am ready to live my meaning and purpose for today.  Love God, love life, love people.