“Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, doctor, baker, shoemaker…”  This was a chant we used as kids, especially while jumping rope. How to discover what to be!

No matter what career you choose in life, or what course of study, there is still a deep-down challenge to discover the meaning of your life. THE PRINCIPLE OF ACTIVE INDIFFERENCE allows life to happens as it happens, choosing all the treasures we seem to want.

Conversely, THE PRINCIPLE OF ACTIVE DIFFERENCE means putting God first. At the startplace all things in your life, no matter how desirable, after God. He then is first in all things. (Colossians 1:18) 

How can I not give my abandoned devotion to the One who gave Himself for me? Then I can see God in every detail, and I discover the Divine Designer everywhere. The Divine life makes more and more wonderful discoveries about the Divine Mind.  This is consistency to the Divine Principle (Active Difference), although possibly inconsistency to my own principles.

This takes care of my living out THE PRINCIPLE OF ACTIVE INDIFFERENCE to the treasures of this world daily. Many years ago, this was my dilemma when I was the Men’s Basketball Coach at the University of Alaska.

However, now I see it as a simple “Yes.” My reality has been the more of ME I give to God, the more of HIM God gives to me. This is the win over ACTIVE INDIFFERENCE; it is THE PRINCIPLE OF ACTIVE DIFFERENCE. It is all mine as I cease to cling to myself, and life becomes so much more precious.