My professor early this quiet 5 am Saturday morning, Matthew, the former IRS agent (smile), records the Lords final encounter with Pilate.


Pilate asks, “ARE YOU KING OF THE JEWS? ”

Jesus replied, “YOU HAVE SAID IT.”

Jesus remained SILENT!

Silence worked then; it still works today.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking before the United Nations gave a blistery attack on UN members for not denouncing Iran’s blatant declarations to annihilate His people as Hitler did 75 years ago.

Then for 45 seconds which seemed an eternity, his eyes pierced member nation’s delegates eye to eye.

Even seeing in my home far from the scene I felt this incredible display of the power of silence.

Until 16 years ago silence was very uncomfortable for me. I remember clearly my first silence practice session. I set 3 minutes on my watch to see if I could be silent for this period of time. It was torturous!

BUT (50 years ago my U of Idaho prof said, “Look out for those BUT people”) BUT when the leading priests & elders made their accusations…

Lord today I renew and refresh my desire to be a Silence Master.

Today I raise my conscious to be mindful of:

  • Listening well today.
  • Enjoying the interior journey today.
  • Speaking more softly.
  • Letting others finish their complete thought before jumping in.
  • Focusing on gratitude.
  • Winning each moment being present.

Silence is my best friend for today.


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