The Missing BILLFOLD

Peace is the virtue that moves frustration and or conflict to resolution and consolation.

The billfold is my best piece of exercise equipment. Rarely is there a day I don’t spend five minutes searching the house and two cars to find my dear friend, Mr. Bill Fold. 

Bill safely keeps all my important documents; credit cards, driver’s license, insurance card, Social Security card. 

Ironically I am prone to leave Mr. Fold here, there and everywhere. One day I leave it on the floor of my car, next time it’s Susie’s car. 

Other times it is my office at NBC or home office, kitchen counter or laundry room. Who knows? Billfold gets to go many places with way too much freedom.  

Sunday, church day, was especially busy. Cooking Crowell Specialty Pancakes for granddaughter, packing for China, lots going on.

To my chagrin, by early afternoon Mr. Bill Fold had decided to hide from me.  

A 20 buck reward offer to the granddaughters still did not find my sneaky friend. 

Susie the Hawk; eagle eye and all, did not find Bill. 

Pastor Ryan, bless him, crawled on his knees looking for the precious Crowell Wallet, but no luck. 

By 6 pm I cried uncle. It was lost. But how did I lose it?

At this moment of helplessness, and turning it over to the Lord, was the path to peace. As Corrie ten Boom said, “Nestle not wrestle.”

We decided to cancel my credit cards. We believed the Lord would get us to China and back without Mr. Bill. Sad because no matter how much I need him, he gets left.

After a great movie, Hill Song, and some fabulous (fake) Chinese food at P.F. Chang’s, I went to the parking garage to get the car for Susie, Guess What

Mr. Bill Fold had decided to ride to church on my roof rack. Bill wanted fresh air. How did Bill hang on at speeds of 50 miles per hour?

Can you imagine Bill Fold’s athleticism? He rode nearly 40 miles and sat on the roof of Susie’s car in a city parking garage for 4 hours!

Not one dollar was missing. Wow!

The lesson for me is no matter how hard I try sometimes, it just isn’t good enough. 

At these times I stop to find His peace. Remarkably grace and mercy were my portion. 

My Chinese aircraft just landed in Beijing. 

Bill Fold stayed Home. Mr. Pass Port is my companion. Best not be negligent with him or I may be in China a long time.



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