To SEE means I have seen. In essence, I cannot help others see if I had not seen the worth of life. It was learned by watching my mother, Kathleen Mitchell Crowell, beginning in my early youth. As a mother of eight, she demonstrated the value of loving others. It is said a mediocre person tells, a good person explains, a superior person demonstrates, but a great person inspires others to see for themselves.

To HEAR means I have heard. I learned the value of truth by listening to committed men who experienced changing lives by the real truth found in God’s book. This seemed to back up the statement to never doubt a small group of committed men can change the world … because it is the only thing that ever has.

To GIVE means I have given. If I had not seen people who developed their core life strengths through overcoming adversity, I would not have strengthened my own courage to overcome and, therefore, to give.
In addition, my family (my wife, my daughter, my son) has heightened this triple response to life for me. My wife, Sandra King Crowell, has made our home a place where a visiting basketball player said, “I want to marry a woman like your wife.”  Daughter Jennifer Sue Crowell Ferch and son Fredric Jay Crowell are also living out their passion for life and their families.

Probably you have family members also who have demonstrated love for life. Celebrate those dear lives around you! Help them reach a level they aspire to in seeing, hearing, giving.


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