Fred Rogers, the famous child inspirational television star, said, “There is an inside story for every outside behavior.”

If every teacher, coach, and, most importantly, parents will understand every behavior a child exhibits has an inside story.

It is my lifelong conviction that the inside story is far more important than the outside story.

Unfortunately, most teachers, coaches, and parents focus on behavior, the outside story far more than the inside story, the emotions, the external behaviors that are the fruit of the inside story.

A fascinating experience is to take time to reflect, meditate and examine the inside story when a person exhibits a behavior, especially when it is negative.

The absolute beauty of this exercise is it forces one not to jump to conclusions, make hasty judgment statements, and limits improper correction.

If it is all true, and I believe it is, the most significant personal need is unconditional love. Of course, we all desire to be loved.

When we understand the inside story, we are far more effective in helping people navigate their outside story. Understanding a person’s inside story is a prime step to love people with unconditional love.

As a great friend often told me, if it were easy, everybody would be doing it. It is so difficult to take the time to learn the inside story yet, it’s so worth the effort; try it you’ll find it very, very valuable.