One of the most important life principles is the phenomenon of In-N-Out. Coincidentally, an American popular fast-food chain is named In-N-Out, where placing an order necessitates driving in. Then you drive out with one of the most delicious burgers on this planet with a bonus of french fries. This remarkable restaurant was one of my first stops on many of my road travels in the Northwest and California. Always memorable!

Related to life, this In-N-Out phrase means Garbage In, Garbage Out. Whatever we take in must come out. However, it seems to me we often violate this as a principle because we don’t consider what we take in.

How can we better attack this Garbage-In, Garbage-Out principle to make it positive? What are some life garbage collections we can apply this to?

  • FOOD: We all know food often determines our health long term. It is not just for our enjoyment!
  • NEWS FASTING: We are bombarded with media news wherever we look or listen. If sustained, it can lead to negativity. Many days I say I have only one time period that day to update my daily news; more seems to overload negativity.
  • NEGATIVE EMOTIONS: Internal bitterness, resentment, anger (toward self or others) never stay internal. Eventually, they want out and explode externally. They do warrant soul-searching!

The all-time, great spiritual leaders lived lives of careful governorship, the custody of the In-N-Out phenomenon. They daily self-examined their intake and outtake. Reducing garbage intake in all spheres of health enabled them to speak and act with positive outtake in all spheres. 

The In-N-Out Phenomenon is as scientifically sound as the law of gravity. Like gravity, it plays no favorites. The pain or joy of living is primarily determined by what goes in. Again, whatever goes in must go out. 

As one wise person once said: “Feed your life with gratitude and let your negativity starve to death.” Dear partners, these Words of Hope are for our consideration and dedicated use.