Hope is the anchor to our souls.

Spiritually speaking, faith, hope, and love are the three greatest words. Love being number one.

It is easy to understand why love takes the top spot. God is love.  

Love is patient
Love is joy
Love is peace
Love is goodness
Love is kind
Love is gentleness
Love is self-control
Love is faithfulness

Faith is believing what you cannot see. Faith is beyond reasoning.

Hope is our anchor to our love and faith. Hope gets us through the storms and devastations of life.

Without hope, love gets lost in the winds of life.

Without hope, joy and peace become anxiety and bitterness.

Without hope, kindness becomes mean spirited.

Without hope, depression, and despair knock at our heart’s door.

We grow hope from God’s Word.

We grow hope from Prayer.

We grow hope hanging out with people of hope.

Big ships have big anchors. Small people who have a big God have big anchors.

Let’s grow big anchors. Read Psalm 19 and 20