If there is a battle, then what is a soul? The soul (psuche in Greek) is our animate life, the seat of our mind, senses, will, and desires, reflected in our personality. The difference between life and soul is exhibited when we look at plants and animals. As seen, plants and animals have life but they don’t have a soul. A soul can put love into action; plants and animals cannot do that.

There are many things asking for our allegiance, our loyalty, and commitment. Just look at sports, food, houses, fitness, comfort zones. Life can become disoriented unbalanced and look more like a jig-saw puzzle in five thousand separate pieces. But when we notice the puzzle box-top, the pile of fragmented pieces makes sense. The story of creation is the picture of the original intentions of God for what the world was supposed to be.

Thus, there are no insignificant concerns in life. Even in all our days of life (as eating, drinking, walking, talking), all are ordained by God. 

Because we are precious to Him and made in His image, even our daily behavior has significance.

In the secret places of our souls, we can get our priorities settled. We can respond to God’s seeking us because Jesus satisfied the Great Divide. We have the promise that if we seek Him with all our hearts, we will surely find Him (Jeremiah 29:13). There are 3 questions we can ask to discover our priorities:

  • Is Jesus your priority or just an afterthought? Check your time, thoughts, money.
  • Is Jesus your first response or a last resort?
  • Is Jesus your everything or just a side piece?

If these are decided, in our wills before God, then the battle is won. Then all we say, all we do, will be pleasing to the Lord Jesus and filled with gratitude.