KEY STATEMENT: The artist of the universe not only created the earth with the majestic mountains, life-giving rivers, plains and valleys covered with all manner of grains and fruit trees, God crested each human to be an artist.

Story of Norman Lowell:


On the Alaska Kenai Peninsula rests one of the world’s most remarkable communities. Folks from all over the world travel to Homer; it is that awesome.

On the highway to Homer, if you look carefully, is the Norman Lowell Gallery. The best way to describe the artistic sanctuary featuring, in my opinion, Alaska’s greatest among many, is GOD IS THERE TO BE WITH YOU!

Norman Lowell, now legally blind at about 89 years old, continues to use the “artist gift” his heavenly Father gifted him with at birth. Artist Lowell worked hard to become a Master.

Have you discovered the ARTIST IN YOU?

20 years ago I was given a new artistic gift.

This gift came to me in a very special way. Jennifer invited me to be present in the birthing room with her mom, Brother Jay and of course the love of her life, Shann Ferch.

December 19, 1996 Crowell became a Papa Artist. What kind of artist would I be?

As the amazing speaker, God often states about living abundant joy, SO SIMPLE-so hard.

It is so simple to be an artist but so hard to master.

So simple to be a parent, so hard to be an artist at parenting.

So easy to start a garden, so hard to be an artistic gardener.

As I write these Words of Hope my heart is so full of love and peace and joy.

Why am I so filled with Abba Father’s fruits of the spirit?

Because I see so many readers of WOH in my mind’s eye and I see the Artist in you.

I see my dear friend in Honolulu riding the surf with delight.

I see a loved one working on a new poem for his book. I see a mom dressing her little girl, placing a bow in her hair.

I see a young lady trying on a wedding dress.

What does the artist in you see?


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