Our present-day English language is rather difficult to learn because we use so many idioms. These are words or expressions not having meaning unless the context is understood.

The acid test is a perfect example of an idiom. Acid testing originally was the sure way to purify gold. It was the only way to eliminate dross. In time, acid testing became an idiom for other forms of verifying pure gold, such as one’s performance and one’s relationships. Here are 7 examples of acid testing related to living. 

  • BASKETBALL ACID TEST: A basketball team that makes 5 consecutive passes (no dribbles) against 5 defenders, then gets a good shot on the 5th or more possession. If the team cannot pass this acid test, it is not ready to win.
  • LOVE GOD ACID TEST: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind. Seek silence with God, embrace obedience, and count trials small compared to the joy that awaits at death.
  • LOVE PEOPLE ACID TEST: Do nothing out of selfish ambition, be not only concerned with your own interests but also in others’ best interest, and do for others what you would want them to do for you.
  • “FOG” ACID TEST: Although winning is often linked to an element of luck, consistent winning is learned behavior. Use Crowell acronym: FOG = Focused, Organized, Goals.
  • LIVE LIFE ACID TEST: Each moment, each minute, each hour, each day presents 3 definitive choices: Live yesterday, live tomorrow, or live in the precious moment. Where are you at any given time? If you are not right here right now, you are in the wrong place.
  • THINGS VS. PEOPLE ACID TEST: If you love things more than people, you will use people to get things; if you love people more than things, you will use things to serve people. 
  • THE ACID TEST (An Idiom):  Some people take more than they give; others give more than they take. Takers stand back when the charges come for a restaurant dinner or hide when the hard jobs need completing; givers have discovered the beauty, grace, and blessing of giving. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Pure gold comes through acid testing. To pass the pure gold standard in life demands going through the test tube of fiery trials, getting back up time after time, expressing gratitude when there is no reason to be grateful, and leaning into the one source who died for us to give us HOPE which is the anchor to our souls (I Peter 1:4-8). This sure beats getting!