We build our personal world within the global world with the words that proceed from our mouths. So, if words matter as I believe they do, perhaps the idiom TGIF is not a great thing. So what does it really imply for employees?

  • It may mean my job isn’t that much fun or enjoyable.
  • It may mean I live for the weekends.
  • It may mean it is time for me to party!
  • It may mean my job was overwhelming, and I want to say WWW = “Whoo, What a Week!” 
  • It may mean tomorrow I sleep in!

However, for weekend employees, TGIF means TGTIF: “Thank God today isn’t Friday.” For retirement people, every day is a Friday because who knows what day or date it is!

Perhaps today, and every day of the week, it would be better to say TGIAAT: “Thank God I am alive today.” And it might be possible to add IMO: “In my opinion.” 

Hope is a wonderful way to live since our world system offers little hope. In reality, today is a gift! If we can breathe, hope beats hopeless every time. Hang onto hope today! And then say to God: YAAAAA = “You are amazing, awesome, abiding, above-all-else!”