T E A M S  + R P E =  W I N S

The NBC Thunder 9th Grade Spokane Champions were a great team because they were dedicated to being great teammates.

Too often it is assumed winning is based on talent. Too often coaches place winning as the ultimate prize. Too often winners are idolized both as athletes and as people.

Winning can be looked at in various ways. A common way is to look at winning is a single event, separate from the rest of the athlete’s life.

Single event winning is dangerous because when you win everyone is happy; when you lose everyone is unhappy.

After 50 years of coaching basketball, as a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a businessman, there is no greater joy in life that having a healthy, vibrant, loving, united family (TEAM).

A team is the most difficult challenge life presents. There is no challenge greater than developing unified teamwork. Using the five letters to form the word teams these are the ingredients necessary to have unified dedicated and loving teamwork.

T = Tough mindset to win
E = Encouragement is as important as oxygen
A = Absolutely necessary to have a positive Attitude
M = Motivation to embrace difficulty
S = Selfishness is poison – eliminate it

RPE = Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.

Each Ordinary task is done extraordinarily well. All excuses are just excuses.

Wins come from the inside out, not the outside in. The better the person the more precious all the wins.

One of my precious life memories was being Jay Crowell’s off school year coach. 

Crowell’s WOH Challenge:

Take a review of each team you belong to with the aim to be better each week for a month in one of the aspects of T-E-A-M-S.

John 17 is a chapter filled with team unity wisdom.