Three Crowell-Ferch sisters demonstrate the beauty, grace, and power of love.

Natalya Alexis is a sophomore at Oklahoma City University.

Ariana Alexis is a freshman at the Oaks Classical Christian Academy.

Isabella Alexis is a 6th grader at the Oaks.  

Parents Shann and Jennifer delight in surprise presents; the best kind of gifts.

With careful planning, Gran Ma Susie helped plan a precious present, a surprise gift.

Isabella heard the doorbell ring. She opened the front door.

Watch the Beauty, Grace and Love the three sisters share with each other.

Elegant Question.  In your mind’s eye (imagination) do you have a person(s) in your life that would ignite the scene you just watched?

If no, would you like to begin the hard work in building a relation of this magnitude?

If yes, who is this person or persons who would ignite these similar emotions in you if they surprised you with a front door visit? Don’t wait another second longer to let these cherished relationships know of your deep love.

Years ago I was challenged to do the following exercise. It was so meaningful I have repeated it for my personal edification and in seminars, many times.

Imaginary scene. You are at your personal residence. There is a pizza warming up in the oven. You are resting in your favorite chair or couch.

Doorbell rings. You open the door. Jesus is standing there.

What do you do? Be as specific as possible.

Enjoy and learn.


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