The Dead Sea, bordered by Israel, Jordan, and Palestine, is the world’s lowest point below sea level.  Animals cannot live in its water even as it is one of the deepest and saltiest lakes in the world.  It is a proof that hoarding, not sharing, leads to stagnation and ultimately death.

In life, you really don’t truly own something until you are willing to share it or give it away.  For this reason, the very best way to experience joy is to give it away, regardless if it is a teaspoon or a cup filled to capacity.  What is even better, Joy is the only thing that multiplies when you share it,  as quoted by Albert Schweitzer, the German Nobel Prize winner in 1952.

There was a small child who reached into a small-necked candy jar.  Seeing the jawbreakers inside, he was instantly captivated by a fist full in his hand.  But no matter how hard he tried to pull out his hand from the jar with the jawbreakers, it was impossible.  He discovered only by letting go of some of the candy could the tiny hand be free from the bottle.  In other words, letting go was the only way he could gain access to the candy; then he could turn the jar upside down.

How true in life! Letting go is the best way to get the joy you want!  Conversely, holding on leads to stagnation.  Some examples are:

  1. The single adult begging for a love relationship always comes up empty.
  2. The spouse begging the partner to stay in the relationship always loses dignity.
  3. The basketball player begging to make the game-winning shot nearly always misses.
  4. The rich man hoarding his money most often dies emotionally and spiritually in poverty.

Regardless of the amount of joy you have, give it to someone!  If you have no joy, fake it; act as if you have joy.  To your surprise, joy will grow! Live joy intentionally today at the conscious level.  In time, you will discover joy multiplies when you share it.  It will become someone else’s as well as yours.