Today, when we hurt, we hear so often to love ourselves more. But what is self-love? Self-love is the introspective prioritization of my importance and acceptance of my real self – at least my positive self. Any insecurity or awkwardness pushes me “out of balance.” Constant rejection becomes a breeding ground for low self-worth.

Therefore, it appears the more we feel good about ourselves, the more we will feel good about others. Conversely, the less we feel good about ourselves, the less we will feel good about others.

Here are some ideas how to address self-love, ultimately God’s healing:

  1. Be open to our inner struggles. Where were they negative?
  2. Identify the inner negative voice and its root. Is it from the serpent or from the finger of God? If from God, as a child of God, ask and claim God’s forgiveness from all unrighteousness (I John 1:9).
  3. Realize our feelings really find their root in the beliefs we focus on and the messages we repeat to ourselves (Proverbs 23:7).
  4. Choose the Word of God for replacement. Scripture is given for renewing our minds (Romans 12:2), and for teaching, reproof, correction, training in righteousness (II Timothy 3:16). This is shifting our mindset. 
  5. Accept others’ love and encouragement; God gave them to us (Hebrews 10:24-25).
  6. Take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Then we can be there to take care of others when needed.