SEARCH ME – Part 1

When you seek personal excellence, self-scrutiny is welcomed, not rejected. Is the truth, not a lie, really your goal? Search Me! Tragically, in my 50 years of counseling, the vast majority of people do not want to be told the truth. They prefer a lie.

As an example, one of my most humorous yet tragic counseling stories is about a dentist and his wife who desired counsel for their marriage. The dentist said, “I just drove five hours to see you. Let’s not waste time. I am ready to do what it takes to improve our marriage.” The session was going so well I suggested each client make one small request as a homework assignment to show respect for each other.

The man said to his wife: “You go first.” Her response: “Oh, no, you go first. You will get mad at me!” But the husband convinced his wife he would be good. She then revealed her small request: “It would mean so much to me if you stopped coming to dinner in your underwear but were fully clothed.”

Boom! The dentist ended up cursing me and stomping out of my office, never to be seen again.

This reminded me of the movie “A Few Good Men.” While being interrogated under oath Jack Nicholson shouts, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

Do you want to know the truth? Do you want the truth to be told to you by a trusted, reliable person who has a proven track record, is worthy of imitation, and shows love for you? If so, then it will be possible to stop doing the undesirable behavior or thought pattern.

“Search me, O God… and see if there be any wicked way in me.”