“Days at times can be very long, however, in the end, life is too short.” -FJC

Often we hear the phrase, I am too busy.

What would happen if we changed “I am too busy” to, “if I am too busy, I am too busy?”

Spiritual Director and Professor Emeritus at Gonzaga University, Father Bernard Tyrrell, has 82 years of experience in life. He is my teacher for if I am too busy, I am too busy.

At the height of Father B’s worldwide leadership in Christotherapy; the integration of Christ and psychotherapy, he was struck with multiple sclerosis.

In spite of intense pain and suffering, the dedicated Jesuit continued his remarkable service teaching Gonzaga students the reality of Jesus Christ. In addition, Father B was a spiritual director for many people in the past 40 plus years.

After several years under Father B’s guidance I asked, “Father, would it be possible to be friends as well as my spiritual director?”

Because Father B majors in grace and never one to impose we had to have a friendship rule.

Friendship Rule: Ask whatever you wish with full permission to accept no.

After 18 years this is a cherished friendship and a life-changing spiritual direction experience.

Father B asked in this manner, “I’m sure you are too busy, but would you mind driving me to the drug, store or doctor or …?”

My response soon became, “Father B, if I am too busy to do this, I am too busy.”

Due to health issues, my beloved Father B is in California. No longer do I get to treat him to a monthly haircut. No longer do we have 3-hour lunches over a fine meal at Father B’s choice of restaurant.

Next time the words fall out of our mouths, “I am too busy,” ask: too busy for what? The reality is we have time to do what we choose to do.

This is the true reality. Too busy is an excuse.
It is easy to live in the memories of the past.

It is easy to live in the dreams of the future.
It is so hard to live right here; right now.

It is when we win the moment life becomes so easy.
If this were an easy concept we would have to say I am too busy to:

Call you
Write you a note
Visit with God
Read a book
Sing a song
Sit still
Laugh with a friend

If I am too busy, I am too busy.